We are based in Windhoek (capital of Namibia).
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Friends with the common passion of travelling. This passion led to a dream that brought to light few years ago: the creation of African World Tour CC based in Windhoek (Namibia). African World Tour CC holds the meaning of what we are: travelers in the world with our hearts in Africa. Over the years we have traveled many roads throughout the world, but no place has captured our hearts in such a profound and unique way as Africa.Our desire is to give to those that contact us the possibility of sharing our dreams and adventures. Our greatest aspiration is to let you experience endless landscapes, unforgettable sunsets and the deep and unique emotions so as to be able to live the intensity of “Africa”, as we live it. Our philosophy is to put you in a position to safely visit, at the right time of the year, the extraordinary “natural diversities” in order to offer the most rewarding travelling experience possible. All the tours described in this website have been personally tested by each one of us during our travels in Africa over the last 13 years: this allow us to suggest itineraries that we have personally experienced in our lives. Africa is pure magic, excitement, starry skies, contradictions, smells, sounds and silence. Africa is like an ancient mother that brings us back to the origins of time and that has never fallen short of our expectations. As wandering and respectful travelers of this red earth, we have learned how to love and protect it and everything related: animals, plants, customs and local cultures.
This is why we intend to stress the fragility of this balance between man and ecosystem and the importance of the preservation of the customs of the native people.



African World Tour would let you know that supports responsible touring and the environmental awareness.

Clients who travel with our company will have experiences in the lands they will visit, and they will bring a positive influence on the communities and ultimately on the natural environment of Southern Africa Countries. Our managers will help you to apply these good practices,  many of which depend on the common sense, as you will immagine.