The Self Drive Tour – All our destinations are fantastic destinations for The Self Drive, the best solution to travelling in complete autonomy without sacrificing peace of mind, thanks to the numerous recommendations and suggestions we provide every time before the tour is chosen. We can help you organize the self-drive tour tailored to your interests and your needs and provide you with a map of the route and all the information necessary to make you live an unforgettable journey!
The Guide
For driving vehicles, on the left, an international driving license is required (model Vienna or Geneva 6849) or a translation stamped and authenticated by the Embassy or Consulate nearest you.
In general, Southern Africa has the best roads on the continent, constructed in full respect of the environment.
In Namibia the main roads are in good condition (max 120 kph) while the others are unpaved. For the latter we recommend a maximum speed of 80 kmh.
In Botswana many roads are paved but care must be taken to avoid the frequent and large holes that appear suddenly. Although the recommended speeds are higher, slower speeds should be kept.
In Mozambico the roads linking the main towns to the capital are mostly paved, but it is not uncommon to find sandy roads that run along the coast. If you plan to travel with a self drive, it is almost mandatory to choose a vehicle with 4×4.
In Sud Africa the roads are excellent and wide: when traveling here with a “self drive”, it is advisable to have the foresight to travel wisely and only during the day if you decide to cross over to the suburbs of the more populated cities, just like in the rest of many other countries around the world.
Cars – Toyota Hilux
For travel in Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique, 4×4 vehicles are suitable, as they are the safest and are perfect for all types of roads;
For South Africa and Italy, normal road vehicles are sufficient;
We also offer a wonderful opportunity for those travellers who have a greater sense and desire for adventure: the self-drive vehicles with which not only can you reach the most remote and wild locations, but which also allow you to be independent regarding meals and accommodations, since they are entirely equipped for sleeping, cooking and eating (ideal occupancy: 4 people). Please remember that it is not possible to camp outside of designated areas.