Mozambique is a gem well worth discovering. A former Portuguese colony, it is rich in history and culture and is a place where South American and Caribbean characteristics overlap with Arabic and African influences, making for a fascinating and overall intriguing atmosphere.  Its 3,000 kilometers of coastline, spotted with enchanting islands, boasts white and endless beaches, some of which are the most beautiful in the whole of Africa. Turquoise waters with enchanted ocean floors abound with colorful fish, with remote archipelagos in the north. Its pristine coral reef makes Mozambique the ultimate African beach getaway destination offering something for everyone and is a true paradise for scuba divers. Mozambique is ideal for those who love wildlife: safaris and natural parks are a great attraction, as is the big natural reserve of Niassa National Park, one of the wildest and unexplored areas in the northern part of the country; or the Maputo Elephant Reserve, which is home to more than two hundred elephants in a natural environment. A fantastic trip to do at least once in your lifetime, to discover an extraordinary country!

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