Thank you so much Paolo&Chiara!!!!
it was one of the best, magical and fascinating journeys I ever had with my family, Paolo!!!!
In this wonderful Namibia we start on Christmas Eve with a fantastic game drive at the Okonjima Lodge seeing leopards and walking with chetahs hunting  a warthog!!!!
And then straight to the Etosha pan and the Namib desert, I never tire of breathing it in and soaking up its essence.  These pictures don’t do it justice, you have to part of it to experience the magic of these places in Namibia, such as Damaraland, Brandberg, Namib Desert and Kalahari desert. Miles and miles of seemingly endless plains that extend far beyond the horizon; quiet, untouched, unpolluted virgin territory that touches your soul and departs a sense of the beginning- archaic.  Plains meld into swamps, to woodlands, to grasslands, to desert, to riverine forests. Diverse habitats supporting a rich array all things wild and wonderful.
Then crossing the tropic of the Capricorn with temperature of 40 degrees and the sun just above our heads we reach the northern part not far away from the borders to Angola. All this with our great tour guide Paolo who let us step into this wonderful and magical Namibian world, this endless spaces between Namib desert and the Kalahari desert. Whether climbing the highest dune of the world “big daddy” or sleeping in the desert under a fantastic starry sky counting the falling stars and never getting tired of it or doing skydiving over the African ocean and the desert at Svakopmund or going rafting with the seals, pelicans and flamingos or simply doing sand boarding in the dunes or Visiting the petrified forest which recently becomes world heritage of the unesco or jumping into cultural heritage of the Himba and the San people all this managed Paolo in a fantastic way leaving us speechless about this beauty and life here on this magical part of our planet,
We definitely will come back to Africa Paolo!
If Namibia and all its splendour is not on your bucket list, it should be!!! But you only step in with the warm welcoming of Paolo and Chiara they let you feel as friends coming home in Africa.
And last but not least one of my favorite things to do on Safari is go for a walk and ending up at one of the best bars in the world…. sundowners in the bush.
Thanks a lot for this wonderful experience Paolo&Chiara!!!!!
Auf Wiedersehen! A presto! A bientôt !